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Become a Volunteer. Sign up here.

Volunteering with the KPPN is a great way to build valuable relationships with other parents and members of the KP Community, as well as, make an impact that matters. By giving your time and talents as a volunteer, you have the opportunity to make a difference and stay engaged with what is going on in the school. Your help is necessary for us provide special programs and events for the students.

Volunteer opportunities.

There are a variety of opportunities to help with the KPPN. No time is too little as we work together. We break down the tasks so as not to burden our volunteers. For much of what we do, we have detailed instructions that have been compiled over the years by previous volunteers. So you can use these notes as a starting point or pave your own way. We welcome parents of students in all grades to volunteer and all friends of the KP Community are encouraged to help. At the end of each school year we host a Volunteer Appreciation party and we would delighted to have you join us.

Here is a brief overview of some of our volunteer opportunities.

♦ ALL NIGHT PARTY – several opportunities to help with preparations for the party, as a chaperone on the night of the party, and to help run activities at the party. The Class of 2016 All Night Party will be on Thursday, June 9th at KPHS after graduation. We are currently seeking Food Coordinator Co-chairs, Volunteer Coordinator Co-chairs, a Public Relations Coordinator, a Raffle Prize Fulfillment Coordinator, and Deco Workshop Section Leaders. Please sign up here to help or contact the ANP Chairs Jackie or Chris at for more info.

♦ FATHER OR SPECIAL PERSON / DAUGHTER DANCE, January 23, 2016. Work with the current Chairperson of this Committee to coordinate the dance preparations and to sell tickets in the school cafeteria during lunch from 10:30-12:30 on the days leading up to the dance.

♦ STAFF APPRECIATION. Traditionally held in May on a half day before the Teacher’s meet for professional development. Work with the current Chairperson of this Committee to help with preparations, donate beverages or food (usually items like pasta or green salads or desserts dropped off the night before or that morning), paper goods, or drawing / raffle prizes. In addition, help is needed on the day of the event to set up food and decorations, serve, and clean up.

♦ FUNDRAISING: Help send letters and follow up on correspondence for our annual giving campaign. Help organize a special event in March/April TBD.

♦ DEVELOPMENT: Provide input to chart the future course for the KPPN. This is a new committee, which will be headed up by the KPPN Board, but it can’t be done without input from the KP Community. It promises to be a fun and creative group.

♦ ENRICHMENT: each year we provide a number of teaching grants. In early December the teacher’s submit proposals. We vote on which ones to fulfill in late December at our Holiday meeting, how fun is that :-). Help the current Chairperson of this Committee with the application process, voting, and grant follow up. New this year is a Teacher’s Wish List. Help to find resources to fulfill special requests from faculty and staff.

♦ KPPN BOARD MEMBER: We meet once per month at KPHS from 7:30-9 PM. Board member duties and responsibilities vary. We are currently seeking a Public Relations Chair, a Secretary, a Fundraising Co-chair, and members for a Development Committee. We are planning two new special events for 2016. Come pitch-in to work with a group that is very supportive of each other and the network we represent.