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Make a Donation

The King Philip Parents’ Network is a group of parent volunteers striving to enrich and support the King Philip High School community. Monies raised go to scholarships for graduating seniors, the All Night Party, and various school needs or requests.

For the 2014-15 school year we helped with transportation costs for the Student Council Christmas Party for the children of Ellis Elementary School in Roxbury to attend the party hosted by KP students at the high school, we contributed to fund raisers organized by KP Cares, and we made a major contribution to the King Philip Turf Field Project.

In the past, we’ve installed a permanent message board at the tennis court entrance, donated funds for the SADD garden and the Academic Wall of Fame, as well as, provided flowers for the Links Program, and installed metal picnic tables outside near the cafeteria for the students to use for lunch, BBQ’s and other special events.

We could not accomplish this without the financial support of our members, local businesses and community organizations. All donations, large or small, monetary or merchandise, are greatly appreciated.

Please consider making a donation.

Click the button below to donate on-line or send in a check or cash. Please include a note if you would like your donation earmarked for the a special program such as funding a scholarship, a teacher’s grant, the All Night Party, school equipment or would like it used where it is needed the most. When paying by credit card you can add a note to the KPPN at check out.

Make checks payable to the King Philip Parent Network. Drop off you check or cash contribution at the Main Office or mail it to: King Philip Parent Network, c/o King Philip High School 201 Franklin Street Wrentham, MA 02093.

The KPPN is a 501c3 Tax Exempt non-profit public charity.

Ask your employer to match your gift.

For more information contact us at