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Become a Family Member

Register for KPPN 2017-18 Family Membership

by Nov. 30th and be entered

in a drawing to win a

$300 East Coast Driving School gift certificate!

Becoming a KPPN Family member is simple!

Review the five membership levels below (per family grades 9-12). Choose a level from the drop down menu and click the Pay Now button to join.

Choose a Membership Level



Your $25 membership will provide funds for the KPPN General Fund.



Membership at this level will help to provide additional funding for the KPPN Enrichment and Scholarship Programs.



A $100 membership from your family will enable us to go one step further in our mission to provide resources for special needs at KP. Your Sage membership will help us to fulfill

♦ special requests from student groups

♦ our Teacher’s Wish List.

♦ KPPN enrichment grants

♦ KPPN college scholarships.



Help make KPHS not only the best place to be, but also the best it can be with a $250+ Mentor Membership. As a Mentor your family will fund a KPPN Enrichment Grant.

♦ You will be acknowledged for your generosity on the KPPN website, as well as, in a list of donors displayed at school.



Play a vital role in the future careers of our students. Each year the KPPN awards college scholarships to seniors through an essay contest. Your family’s $500 Oracle membership will fund a KPPN college scholarship.

♦ You will be invited to join the KPPN to present the scholarship at the Senior Awards ceremony.

♦ For your generosity you will be acknowledged on the KPPN website, as well as, in a list of donors displayed at school.


The KPPN is a 501c3 tax exempt public charity.  Ask your employer to match your gift.

Funds raised by the KPPN through its’ membership drive and fund raising events finance the costs of the All Night Party, an annual Staff Appreciation event, and the Significant Other / Father / Daughter Dance, as well as, other special programs at King Philip sponsored by the Network such as teaching grants, college scholarships for seniors, school equipment, annual school traditions and the class funds for the students and special KP Community needs.

Should you prefer to use a paper form, please download the Membership Form here and mail or drop it off at the Main Office with your payment.

There is not an extra charge to pay for your membership or make a donation to the KPPN on-line nor do you need to have a PayPal account.