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Enrichment and Teaching Supply Funding

 Winter 2015  Grant Program Awards

The KPPN is proud to announce that it funded the following grants for the 2015-16 school year:

  • Science Dept. – applicant Matt Gorr
    • Range Force Sensors used in Dynamic demonstrations in Physics.
  • Biology Dept. – applicant Loreen Meyer
    • Classroom equipment: Nova video, liquid chalk markers, pop beads, agreement driven inquiry into Biology
  • Science Dept. – applicants Ann Lambert & Joe Giancioppo
    • WeatherBug.
In addition, the following grants were funded thanks to the generosity of parents and alum of KP:
  • Technology Dept. – applicant Erik Nelson, Engineering Design
    • 3D printer supplies provided by alum the Govoni Family
  • Art Dept. – applicants Danielle Pollard & Shannon Cress
    • Raku pottery class provided by the Welch Family

This year was the first year for a Teacher’s Wish List, this is separate program than the Enrichment Grants and gifts are funded on a rolling basis throughout the year.

For the 2015-16 school year the KPPN provided funds for the following wishes:

  • Language Dept. – applicant Victoria D’Annunzio
    • a one year subscription to News in Slow Spanish
  • Business Dept. – applicant Eric Swansburg
    • Swingline electric stapler, subscription to National Business Education Assoc. publication.
 Winter 2014 Grant Program Awards
The KP Parent Network is pleased to announce the funding of $1,250 in grants and a grant that was funded by a KP family for KP educators and their related student groups. There were many worthwhile applications for funding and only a select few were funded during this grant cycle:
— Foreign Language Department: Dry erase boards and accessories for students studying Spanish. $250
— Science National Honor Society & Science Department: King Philip Cultural Society Naturalist-in-Residence guest speaker, Brent Nixon presented three entertaining and educational talks that were open to the KP community. $375
— Business Department: Business board games for students in the business/accounting courses. $250
— Science Department: PCR machines for students studying Biology. $375
In addition to these four grants, that were funded through KPPN membership and fundraising, a grant to supply 3D printing supplies for the Engineering/Technology department was funded by the Govoni Family for the 2nd year in a row. They hope to encourage other families to give to the school with their talents and financial assistance. Phyllis Govoni is a former KPPN Chairperson and her daughter, Nicole, is a KP Alum, Class of 2014.

Winter 2013 Grant Program Awards

The KP Parents’ Network is pleased to announce the funding of several grants for King Philip teachers.  In early December 2013 we invited teachers to apply for the grants and applicants were notified of their grant status at the end of the month. There were many worthwhile applications for funding and only a select few were funded during this grant cycle:

·         Hand-held Microscope for Biology students
·         Ipad mini and applications for Special Education students
·         Piti Theatre drama performance at KP for French students
·         Production equipment for TV Production students
·         Ant farms and Bug Jugs for Science students
·         Supplies for Pathway Café for Special Education students
·         3D printer materials kit for Engineering/Technology students

We wish the recipients success and thank them for their efforts on behalf of the KP community. This is a new KPPN program and with the continued support of membership dues and fundraising, we hope we can make this an ongoing program.