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Grant Program

The KPPN offers several grants for teachers to fund much needed supplies, classroom materials, equipment or field trips and other programs that the High School cannot fund. Teaching grants are given according to donation and fund availability. This is a separate program from the Teacher’s Wish List.

The KPPN is proud to announce that it will fund the following grants for the 2015-16 school year:

  • Science Dept. – applicant Matt Gorr
    • Range Force Sensors used in Dynamic demonstrations in Physics.
  • Biology Dept. – applicant Loreen Meyer
    • Classroom equipment: Nova video, liquid chalk markers, pop beads, agreement driven inquiry into Biology
  • Science Dept. – applicants Ann Lambert & Joe Giancioppo
    • WeatherBug.
In addition, the following grants will be funded thanks to the generosity of parents and alum of KP:
  • Technology Dept. – applicant Erik Nelson, Engineering Design
    • 3D printer supplies provided by alum the Govoni Family
  • Art Dept. – applicants Danielle Pollard & Shannon Cress
    • Raku pottery class provided by the Welch Family

Please visit the Teacher’s Wish List page for a list of wishes that have been granted so far for 2015-16.

Procedure to apply for a grant:

Every year, in early December, teachers must fill out and submit a Grant Application for evaluation by the KPPN board.

Grant Application Forms

KPPN Grant Form PDF      or       KPPN Grant Form Word Doc

The form contains instructions and is to be returned no later than December 4, 2015. All applicants will be notified of their grant status by December 21, 2015. Co-applicants are encouraged. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.