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Special Information For Parents and Students

King Philip High School All Night Party


The All Night Party (ANP) is held to ensure the safety of the graduates. The following procedures are rules that are in place to help make this happen, please help us to enforce them.

All 2018 graduating students are invited to the All Night Party which will be held on Sunday, June 10th, 2018 until Monday, June 11th, 2018 at the King Philip High School. This is the night of Graduation. All students must check-in at the Main Lobby of the school between 10-11:00. The party will end with check out at 5 a.m..


  • ♦ Registration is not complete until payment or a few waiver has been received and both the parent/guardian and the student have reviewed and signed the party guidelines and policies in the All Night Party Agreement.
  • ♦ Parents/Guardians must provide us with information for who to contact in an emergency and who may pick up their student if they are not available.
  • ♦ Please provide emergency contact information for people we can reach during the party hours — between 10 PM and 5 AM — for both yourself and an additional adult emergency contact whom you give permission to pick up your student.
  • ♦ Graduates should plan to be at the party for the entire night. However, if an extenuating circumstance arises, you will receive a phone call from one of the ANP Volunteers and you will need to come to the high school with photo ID to collect your child. If you cannot come, only adults over 21 with photo ID who have been designated before the party by you may pick up your son or daughter. So please plan accordingly.
  • ♦ How you can reach us (and therefore your son/daughter) in case of an emergency is outlined below. If you would like to make another arrangement in advance, please send us an email at to discuss possibilities.
  • ♦ Items may not be hidden in the building or other school property before the party with the intention of retrieving it later. Alcoholic beverages and drugs of any kind are not allowed anywhere on school property so hiding them on the premises in advance to retrieve them on the night of the party would be against school policies. Both school personnel and parents scan the party areas before check in and will confiscate any found items.


School event policies apply to the All Night Party, which include, but are not limited to the following:

o No alcoholic beverage, smoking, and drugs of any kind are allowed anywhere on school property which includes cars in the parking lots.
o No beverages or food of any kind can be brought into the building. Food and beverages will be provided throughout the night.
o No carry ins. Students should not bring bags or jackets. We will provide small bags for storage of small items like keys and ID.

Additional Policy and Information:

  1. ♦ Students check in on the night of the party from 10:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.. If a student has registered to attend the party, but does not check-in an ANP representative will call the student’s parent(s) around midnight to confirm that the student is not attending the party.
  2. Students should bring their student identification card. A list of students who have registered will be at the check-in table.
  3. ♦ The only entrance and exit from the building will be through the Main entrance.
  4. ♦ Students should be dropped off at the curb in front of the Main entrance to the High School.
  5. ♦ Students who will drive themselves to the party should park in the student parking area in front of the High School. We recommend that you drop off and pick up your student.
  6. ♦ At check-in students will receive a numbered wrist band with their name. Without a wrist band they will not be permitted to move throughout other areas of the building where the party is being held. Students will only be permitted in the areas of the building where the party is being held. Any behavior/discipline problems will be dealt with by a phone call to parents and/or the Wrentham Police who will be on the premises.
  7. ♦ Cameras and cell phones are permitted, but may be subject to inspection and are allowed at the owner’s risk.
  8. ♦ No backpacks or hand bags are permitted. Individual bags will be provided for students to store their personal belongings. Personal items must be placed in the bags provided at check-in. Each bag will have a tag on it that matches the number on the student’s wrist band and will be stored at the Help Station, manned by parent volunteers, in the cafeteria. Throughout the evening if students wish access to their personal belongings they may visit the Help Station and a parent volunteer will assist them. As the students exit the party there will be a station where they can retrieve their individual ANP bag.
  9. ♦ The school courtyard will be an area where students, if they desire, may take some time out from the party and enjoy the night air. Please discuss with your child that we may limit the number of students who can be in this area at any given time. ANP Chaperones will do their best to accommodate everyone. In case of inclement weather this area may not be open.
  10. ♦ Please discuss with your student that we expect them to be respectful and not harm school property.
  11. ♦ After checking-in students will not be permitted to leave the building until the party is over at 5 a.m.. In the case of an extenuating circumstance, the student should go to the Help Station in the cafeteria and arrangements will be made for him/her to be picked up. Students will not be allowed to leave the building without permission from one of the All Night Party Chairs. The person picking up your son/daughter must be over 21 and provide a photo ID. Students can only be picked up in the Main Lobby.
  12. ♦ There will be a small first aid kit at the Help Station. A Wrentham EMT will be on duty throughout the party. If a student should need to be taken by ambulance to a hospital a parent volunteer chaperone will accompany them.
  13. ♦ In case of an emergency and you wish to reach your student or us we recommend the following method to contact us:
    • Contact the Chair, Maureen Lukes on her cell phone at 617-435-2424. Cell phone service in some areas within the school buildings is poor. Therefore, we recommend leaving a voice message and sending a text message. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please be sure to leave contact information so we can get back in touch with you.
    • Alternately, you can come to the school and speak with the parent volunteer chaperones who will be stationed in the Main lobby.
    • If you would like to make another arrangement in advance, please send us an email at to discuss possibilities.
  14. ♦ As new KP alumnae the graduates are important members of the KP Community and we hope they will set good examples for their underclassmen in regards to how they conduct themselves at the party.
  15. ♦ We also hope they will share their pride for KPHS with others and as alumnae return as ANP volunteers so future students may enjoy this wonderful tradition!

Please contact Maureen Lukes at if you have any questions or concerns.