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About Us


“Studies have shown that parental involvement at the high school level improves teens’ academic progress, creates positive role models and acts as a protective factor against tobacco and drug use, depression, eating disorders and other problems.”

The King Philip Parent Network (KPPN) was formed over 23 years ago by the organizers of the All Night Party (est. 1990) to improve the link between students, parents and the high school, as well as provide activities and events for KP students.  It is the only parent volunteer group at King Philip that serves the entire student body.  Annually the KPPN funds scholarships for graduating seniors, enrichment grants for teaching programs, school equipment In addition, the KPPN organizes and hosts the popular Father/Daughter/Special Person Dance, Staff Appreciation Day and the much anticipated 26 year old ALL NIGHT PARTY for the senior class on the night of graduation.

The KPPN has also contributed to various worthy school projects such as the SADD Memorial Garden by the front entrance, the Academic Wall of Fame and the Student Council Holiday Party for the Ellis Elementary School in Roxbury.  It also gifted six picnic tables to the high school located outside the cafeteria for the students, teachers and community to enjoy.

Please make time to get involved and become a member of the KPPN.

We need your ideas, skills and enthusiasm to

make the King Philip Community not only the best place

to be, but also the best it can be for our students!

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at or

We can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.