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Announcements & Special Events

Coming in April – Class of 2017 ANP registration!

Register on FamilyID for the All Night Party and automatically be entered in drawings to win prizes!

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In addition to registering for the party on FamilyID you can purchase a lawn sign, make a donation or order a gift card.

Not using FamilyID, download a paper contract.

Buy a gift card for the ANP

Graduates can win gift cards to use for future needs whether they are off to college, the military, a new job and more. Or just to have some fun with friends during their first summer as KP Alum. Each year we give away gift cards at the party in a drawing for the Seniors and as prizes for the games played at the party. Make a donation for a gift card and we will purchase it on your behalf. Donate here or when you register your son/daughter to attend the party on FamilyID.

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Support the KPPN

The KPPN hosts the All Night Party, the Father/Daughter Dance, and Staff Appreciation events. Funds raised by the KPPN finance the costs of these events, as well as, other special programs such as an enrichment program, student scholarships, school equipment, and student run events. Click the title to join the KPPN today!

Lawn Sign Class of 2017 Pre-orders starting in April!


More Info.

Click here to purchase.

Sponsor a Ball!

SPONSOR A BALL for a team to play with in the Ball Challenge at the All Night Party.


ping pong balls

Click Here

Volunteer for the All Night Party!

“Studies have shown that parental involvement at the high school level improves teens’ academic progress, creates positive role models and acts as a protective factor against tobacco and drug use, depression, eating disorders and other problems.” Click the title to get involved today!
Be a part of it! Call us!

Donate to the KPPN & ANP when you shop on-line!

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