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Volunteer for the All Night Party!

“Studies have shown that parental involvement at the high school level improves teens’ academic progress, creates positive role models and acts as a protective factor against tobacco and drug use, depression, eating disorders and other problems.” Click the above title to get involved today!
Be a part of it! Call us at

Lawn Sign Class of 2017 Pre-orders starting in April!


sample of 2016 sign

Donate to the KPPN & ANP when you shop on-line!

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group piesKeep your life simple and donate to the KPPN by ordering a fruit or savory pie or crisp from the Ever So Humble Pie of Walpole to enjoy for April Fool’s Day, Easter, Passover, or any day!

  •  Pies can be ordered online at the KPPN shop on our website until Monday, March 13.
  • Your order can then be picked up on Saturday, March 25 at the King Philip High School bus circle between 10:00am – 11:00am.


Support the KPPN

The KPPN hosts the All Night Party, the Father/Daughter Dance, and Staff Appreciation events. Funds raised by the KPPN finance the costs of these events, as well as, other special programs such as an enrichment program, student scholarships, school equipment, and student run events. Click the title to join the KPPN today!